iNPOFi Wireless to Announce Application of EZ "Drop & Charge" Wireless Charging Solution on Wearable's Market

SAN JOSE, CA -- Kirk H&J Corporation will be introducing the innovative application of award winning "iNPOFi" wireless power technology in a Wearable. Embedded the first of a kind iNPOFi wireless charging solution, the wearable can easily and rapidly "Drop & Charge" to be empowered without the use of wires nor adding any unnecessary changes to compact internal layout.

In addition to the embedded technology, the revolutionizing EZ "Drop & Charge" Omni PowerSkn and the mobile dual charger EZ "Drop & Charge" Omni PowerPac will be introduced. The PowerSkn will open the market to most USB capable phones, allowing for extremely rapid and easy "Drop & Charge!" The PowerPac will offer dual charging solutions; "Drop & Charge" and by USB, both with the same rapid charging speed to charge multiple devices while providing all of this anywhere necessary.

All iNPOFi products emit zero radiation and have the charging speeds near those of charging via a wall outlet. The extremely low heat feature protects phone battery and has made iNPOFi products a stand out since their first launching. Its smart recognition feature will only deliver power to compatible devices and protection features ensure safe usage. "We are pleased to be adding EZ 'Drop & Charge' line successfully to extend our award winning wireless charging product family," said CEO Mr. Tao Jing. "Furthermore, we are proud of the application of iNPOFi wireless power technology into smart portable devices- 'wearable', thanks to iNPOFi's highly integrated, small, lightweight and high efficient IC to make this implementation possible."

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