Innovative washing machine reduces the labor time for cleaning greasy, dirty parts to practically zero

Haan, Germany -- Walther Trowal presents its new, groundbreaking washing machine TRT 83x37. It automatically removes thick layers of lubricants like grease as well as other contaminants from the surface of disassembled equipment components, which must be perfectly clean before they can be re-used for the repair and overhaul of equipment.

After years of operation these components are usually covered with thick layers of grease and dirt. They are simply placed into the vibrating work bowl of the TRT 83x37, which is filled with non-abrasive processing media and a mix of water and de-greasing compound. After about 20 - 45 minutes the components can be removed - perfectly clean!

The TRT 83x37 is suitable for work pieces with lengths of 80 cm (32") and diameters of up to 30 cm (12"). Walther Trowal designed this machine specifically for workshop operations where space is usually very tight: It requires less than one square meter (10 square feet), and uses not more energy than a hair drier.

Operation of the machine is fully automatic. It must simply be switched on and off.

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