Innovative Dummy Head Improves Automotive Climatic/Acoustic Engineering

At the Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart, IPETRONIK is presenting an innovative dummy head for climatic/acoustic engineering. It allows climatic/acoustic tests to be conducted reproducibly in the vehicle – with an identical installation position. With the development of the IPEacoustic head, IPETRONIK is further extending its expertise in the field of vehicle climatic/acoustic engineering. This innovative dummy head, which has a wedge-shaped design, features a binaural microphone arrangement for aurally compensated noise recording as well as a third microphone in an acoustically neutral measuring position.


Airborne noise is usually measured with microphones without directional characteristics that can be placed anywhere in the room, the amplitude of the sound pressure being the essential measurement parameter for the description of a sound field. Since this parameter cannot represent all the important criteria of the human auditory perception, so-called binaural microphone arrangements have become established. With two microphones and a separating body similar to a human head, the recordings provide very authentic listening experiences when replayed with headphones. The IPEacoustic head combines both of these approaches by using an innovatively shaped separating body and a third microphone. The two lateral microphones provide the characteristic database of a separating body stereophony. The wedge profile of the head creates an additional, acoustically neutral measurement position to record the sound from the front and the sides extensively uninfluenced. One major advantage of this method is the synchronicity of the binaural and the neutral sound recording in one place.

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All microphones can easily be replaced or detached for calibration. In this way the IPEacoustic head fits perfectly with with the frontend Mx-SENS2 4 and the software IPEmotion but also provides compatibility with all common acoustics measurement systems (using IEPE or 200 V microphones). With its torso and inclinable head, it facilitates a wide range of noise measurement tasks. In addition to that, a noise-free high performance PC may be integrated in the torso, supporting i.a. control listening, analysis, data storage, and export (e.g. via the software IPEmotion).


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