Inkron Unveils Next Gen LED Product Lines

HELSINKI and LAS VEGAS -- Inkron Oy introduces two flagship product series for next generation LED applications in solid state lighting, display and mobile devices: the Inkron Die Attach (IDA) and Inkron LED Encapsulation (ILE) product series. Based on novel nanomaterials and siloxane polymer chemistries, Inkron's core technology platform enables new categories of LEDs with increased efficiency and reliability at lower cost. Inkron is currently in product qualification with development partners and customers inAsia, Europe, and the US.

As the trend in LED applications continues to focus on improving device efficiency and lifetime while lowering cost, key challenges facing next generation LEDs include the utilization of novel phosphors (e.g. environmentally sensitive narrow bandwidth phosphors like quantum dots), optimization of LED packaging to increase reliability and enablement of advanced packaging concepts such as wafer level and chip-scale packaging. Inkrons' novel LED encapsulants (ILE) and die attach pastes (IDA) address all these areas and provide new opportunities and options to device manufacturers, LED packaging houses and lighting system integrators.

One of the industry's top LED packaging partners is UK-based Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd., a leading manufacturer of cost-effective, high thermal performance substrates for LED packaging and an Inkron development partner. "We work with LED manufacturers around the world and the consistent feedback we receive is that Inkron's IDA series is amongst the best performers they have encountered which matches our experience as well," saidRalph Weir, CEO, Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd. "Like Nanotherm, Inkron's thermal management solutions are poised to accelerate adoption of next generation LEDs."

Introducing the IDA and ILE Product Series: Pastes and Encapsulants for Next Gen LEDsInkron's die attach (IDA) and LED encapsulation (ILE) products are gaining traction and validation in the global market place, enabling new LED solutions at reduced cost, higher efficiencies and improved reliability, thereby opening new application opportunities and/or product categories.

IDA - Die Attach Series. The IDA series includes pastes for the attachment of LED chips to common packaging substrates. All products in this family distinguish themselves through high thermal conductivity and stability meeting the requirements of high power devices and applications. IDA products are available as electrically conductive or insulating versions and can be transparent or reflective addressing a wide range of package designs. In collaboration with world leading customers and development partners, the IDA product series has been shown to reduce the thermal contact resistance in device packages thereby lowering the junction temperature, yielding a brightness increase by 3-5%, and increasing the device lifetime and reliability compared to LED packages using conventional die attach materials.

ILE - LED Encapsulation Series. Inkron LED encapsulation products distinguish themselves by offering a wide range of refractive indices (from 1.25 to 1.93) while maintaining very high transparency enhancing the brightness and efficiency of LED packages. In addition, these products offer superior barrier properties (e.g. more than 2.5x) against environmental influences (e.g. air, water, sulfur) compared to conventional commercial LED encapsulation products. ILE products are available in thermally as well as UV curable form. The latter option offers the opportunity to increase fab throughput and yield.

The ILE series is composed of novel thermally or UV curable LED encapsulation materials that can be utilized as primary (e.g. phosphor) as well as secondary (e.g. lenses, RI matching etc.) encapsulation materials. Due to their mechanical properties, they are particularly well suited for wafer level and chip scale packaging. Novel siloxane polymers with multi-functional crosslinking reactivity and a wide range of chemical compositions, optionally reinforced with proprietary nanomaterials, provide a technology platform to tune the optical, chemical, physical, and mechanical properties of our products to provide optimized solutions to a wide variety of materials challenges.

"Today's new nanocomposite-based materials are having a dramatic impact on how LEDs are packaged, resulting in clear cost and performance benefits, and we're pleased that our customers see Inkron as a clear leader in this new class of materials innovators," commentsJuha Rantala, CEO of Inkron. "Going forward, we see a wide range of applications for these advanced materials, particularly in opto- and printed electronics, and we are well-poised to meet this demand with significant product announcements this year."

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