Infrared Sources Enable Low-Power Optical Gas Sensing

Infrared Sources Enable Low-Power Optical Gas Sensing

The CCS11x µBright infrared sources operate across the wideband IR range from 2 µm to 14 µm and can be used to continually sense gases, such as carbon dioxide, and ethanol vapors in nondispersive infrared (NDIR) systems at low power. The CCS11x IR sources employ a patented plasmonic structure, which has a layer of metallic dots with a defined geometry which creates a resonant effect, increasing the optical emissions of the CCS11x sources. They also feature a patented micro-hotplate design to deliver high optical emissions with a very stable, low drift output. The plasmonic structure and the micro-hotplate are fabricated using a standard CMOS process. Other features include:

• Stable output with low drift – low resistance drift over lifetime removes need for compensation
• Fast switching – Up to 38Hz at 50% modulation depth
• High IR radiation output – Up to 600oC operation with emissivity at 0.8 at 4.26µm
• Superior efficiency – Pulse mode operation

The CCS112A, CCS113A and CCS114A are available for sampling now in TO packages (TO46 and TO39).

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