Information Security Forum Launches Threat Horizon 2019

The Information Security Forum (ISF) offers Threat Horizon 2019, the latest in a series of the organization's annual Threat Horizon reports. Developed for businesses needing to rapidly grasp emerging information security threats and assess the potential business impacts, Threat Horizon 2019 balances today's realities with forecasts that push the limits of present thinking. The latest report highlights nine major threats, broken down into three challenging themes, that organizations can expect to face over the next two years as a result of increasing developments in technology.

By 2019, organizations will be faced with a hyper-connected world where the pace and scale of change – particularly in terms of technology – will have accelerated substantially. Some organizations will thrive in this new world, while many will struggle. Navigating this world calls for a strong collaborative culture with the right people congregating at the right time to play their part in ensuring success. Threat Horizon 2019 report focuses on particularly difficult cyber security challenges in a way that is relevant to senior business managers, information security professionals and other key organizational stakeholders. The three key themes in the latest report include:

  1. Disruption: From an over reliance on fragile connectivity requiring a seismic shift in the way business continuity is planned, practiced and implemented.
  2. Distortion: As trust in the integrity of information is lost, the monitoring of access and changes to sensitive information will become critical as will the development of complex incident management procedures.
  3. Deterioration: When controls are eroded by regulations and technology bringing a heightened focus on risk assessment and management in the light of regulatory changes and the increased prevalence of artificial intelligence in everyday technology.

Threat Horizon 2019, aimed at senior business executives up to and including board level, provides a practical, forward-looking view of the increasing threats in today's always-on, interconnected world. This in turn enables a better prepared, strategic approach to managing and mitigating risk.

For more information on the report, and to download a copy of the executive summary, CLICK HERE.

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