Info Guide De-Mystifies The dB

Info Guide De-Mystifies The dB
E2S Warning Signals LLC

E2S Warning Signals’ educational guide seeks to de-mystify the decibel (dB), a common yet confusing engineering unit of sound measurement. According to the company, the main difficulty in comprehending dB measurements is that it is a log-linear scale, which compresses the scale. Sound is defined as any pressure variation that can be heard by the human ear. The threshold of hearing is defined as 0 dB while the threshold of pain is around 130 dB, a scale that can be readily understood. However, as the power difference between the two levels is 1,013 to 1, or, to spell it out in full, ten million million to one, expressing it in these terms suddenly gives a much better idea of the change. The guide sets sounder output levels in context with some everyday examples. For example, the A151 disaster warning sounder is rated at 150 dB, the same as a jet engine at 1m. It also discusses the effect of frequency on perceived loudness and includes some rules of thumb for system designers who are specifying the output and location of warning sounders to provide the desired sound levels as part of a warning system. The guide can be found at

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