Inertia Monitor Pumps Out Heavy Duty Vehicle Prognostics

Inertia Monitor Pumps Out Heavy Duty Vehicle Prognostics

Prova Systems’ Vehicle Inertia Monitor (VIM) is a dual-mode advanced J1939 CAN-bus vibration analyzer and vehicle attitude sensor for heavy duty vehicle prognostics and performance monitoring. The module helps maintenance engineers plot equipment performance over time to characterize normal operating metrics and captures and highlights subtle changes in vibration through use of high resolution sub-Hz analysis via multi-rate signal processing. It features advanced signal processing techniques to estimate vehicle orientation using dynamic modeling and detected vehicle motion from the SAE J1939 CAN-Bus communication link. Additionally the VIM filters noise from these attitude estimates via MEMS sensor data fusion within a predictive Kalman filter to provide data results in real-time. The VIM is priced at $569 for a single unit. A datasheet is available at

Prova Systems
Carbondale, PA

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