Industry’s Smallest Current Sensor Maintains Precision And Accuracy

Industry’s Smallest Current Sensor Maintains Precision And Accuracy
Infineon Technologies North America Corp.

Sporting a digital design that requires no calibration and requiring one-sixth the board space of comparable devices, the TLI4970 debuts as the market’s smallest current sensor. It embarks in a thin interstitial small outline no leads (TISON) surface-mount-device (SMD) package measuring 7 mm x 7 mm x1 mm that integrates stray-field suppression for robust defiance of external magnetic fields. According to Infineon, the sensor measures with absolute precision even after years of continuous operation.

Other features include a low offset of 25 mA, a parallel signal path, galvanically-isolated measurements up to 600V at operating voltage and up to 3.6 kV at test voltage, and fast overcurrent detection at a pre-configurable level. Suitable applications include solar inverters, charging devices and power supplies, and electric drives and for controlling energy-saving LED lighting units.

Again, the TLI4970 comes in a 7 mm x 7 mm x1 mm, no-lead TISON SMD package. Samples are available now with production commencing in May. An evaluation kit is also on tap that provides a graphical user interface and an analog board for converting SPI outputs into analog signals. For more details, visit

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