Industry's First Zero-Drift, Zero-Crossover Op Amp

Industry's First Zero-Drift, Zero-Crossover Op Amp
Texas Instruments Inc.

Deemed the first operational amplifier (op amp) to offer both zero-drift and zero-crossover technology, the OPA388 promises high precision across the entire input range. The device’s zero-drift technology eliminates temperature drift and flicker noise to attain the high dc precision and dynamic error correction, while its zero-crossover topology eliminates offset errors caused by common-mode limitations to achieve linear output and true rail-to-rail input operation. Other features include wide-bandwidth operation, a total harmonic distortion of -132 dBc, and a voltage noise of 7 nV/√Hz. The OPA388 is available now in a 4.9 mm x 3.9 mm SOIC package, priced at $0.98 each/1,000. Download a datasheet at  

Texas Instruments Inc.
Dallas, TX

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