Industrial-Strength Flyback Transformer Can Take The Heat

Designed for use with Avago's ACPL-32JT/302J IGBT chipset, the HM210-05K060LFTR flyback transformer features a high level of isolation and is optimized for use in industrial motor-control and inverter applications. The transformer has a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +155°C, the latter figure contributing to its excellent 5-kV isolation voltage capability between primary and secondary windings.  A compact component, it measures just 19.5 mm x 14.5 mm x 16.5 mm and has a primary resistance of 305 mΩ. HM210-05K060LFTR flyback transformers are available on 13-inch reels containing 70 pieces or six-reel shipping cartons comprising 350 pieces. For further information, visit


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South Yorkshire, UK

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