Industrial-Grade Motion Trackers from Xsens

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The MTi portfolio from Xsens Technologies B.V., Enschede, The Netherlands and Culver City, CA, consists of two families of MEMS-based motion trackers for industrial applications such as antenna and camera stabilization and unmanned system control that previously used fiber-optic gyro-based systems. The MTi 10 Series has improved orientation accuracy while subject to vibration by a factor of 50 and increased accelerometer and gyroscope bandwidth by a factor of 15. It includes the MTi-10 IMU, the MTi-20 VRU vertical reference unit, and the MTi-30 AHRS. The high-performance MTi-100 Series incorporates state-of-the-art vibration-rejecting gyroscopes and uses a multicore processing unit running an embedded sensor fusion core. The family includes the MTi-100 IMU, MTi-200 VRU, and MTi-300 AHRS.

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Company: Xsens
Country: Netherlands
Phone number: +31 88-97367-00

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