Industrial Grade Infrared Pyrometer Integrates Thermal Imaging Capabilities

Industrial Grade Infrared Pyrometer Integrates Thermal Imaging Capabilities
LumaSense Technologies Inc.

Described as an industry first, the ISR 6-TI pyrometer packs thermal-imaging functionality via an integrated video camera with infrared filter. Essentially, it combines pyrometry with infrared imaging technology to produce “relative” thermal images. “Relative" thermal images are produced by measuring the temperature of the center spot with a ratio pyrometer and using an infrared filter to show an auto-calibrated thermal image based on the ratio pyrometer temperature reading. The ISR 6-TI system operates in a short wavelength (around 1 μm) for temperature measurements between +700°C and +,1800°C. The analog video output signal is converted to USB and fed to a PC using the company's InfraWin software.

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