Industrial Flowmeter Is Easy To Wire And Setup

Industrial Flowmeter Is Easy To Wire And Setup
Badger Meter

The new Blancett B2900 flow monitor offers advanced digital signal processing in a reportedly easy-to-access package. Enclosed in a polycarbonate NEMA 4X housing, the electronics are located on a single board. The large enclosure provides more room for the user’s hands and tools when wiring the monitor in the field. It also features an LCD display with push button programming as well as a pre-drilled hole for external wiring connections, such as Modbus RTU and other outputs. The meter processes a frequency output from a flow sensor and interprets the signal to calculate flow rate and total flow simultaneously with 10-point linearization. It provides communication over an RS-485 bus using Modbus RTU and control outputs, allowing operators to connect meters to a network for process automation and/or remote flow monitoring. The Modbus RTU connection can be configured with user-selected baud rates. To ensure security in remote applications, robust alarm parameters provide faster warning when something changes in the process or pipeline. Also, the keypad display can be password protected to prevent unauthorized tampering. A datasheet is available at

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