Industrial Enclosures Enable Well Dressed Designs

AttaBox offers a wide-range of non-metallic enclosures across 10 product lines encompassing over 800 parts numbers and over 30 configurations along with complementary thermal and standard accessories. The enclosures offer varying benefits of polycarbonate and fiberglass, ensuring the ability to source and achieve protection for every on-the-job need.


The range includes: 

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  1. Heartland Series: AttaBox original polycarbonate enclosures with      unique internal mounting design
  2. Commander Series: Polycarbonate and fiberglass pushbutton enclosures
  3. Freedom Series: Fiberglass enclosures with opaque or acrylic viewing windows
  4. Centurion Series: Fiberglass enclosures with integral flush cover
  5. MachoBox Series: Fiberglass J plus-size enclosures with opaque covers
  6. Triton Series: Large capacity fiberglass enclosures
  7. DuraShield Series: Fiberglass enclosures with shallow, sleek, aesthetic    designs
  8. Viking Series: Fiberglass with opaque and clear covers- medium sizes.
  9. BantamBox Series: Polycarbonate enclosure, opaque & clear covers-- small sizes
  10. Endurance Series: Fiberglass Euro enclosures--medium to large sizes
  11. Accessories: Filter Fans and Exhaust Filters, Enclosure Heaters,  Thermal Controls, LED Enclosure Lighting, Back Panels, Hinges, Vents,  and more


AttaBox Industrial Enclosures are compliant with all industry standards for water-tightness, corrosion resistance, and even submersible integrity. For more details and options, visit the AttBox products page.


AttaBox Industrial Enclosures

Belding, MI




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