Inductive Sensor Replaces Magnetostrictive Position Sensors In Hydraulic Cylinders

Inductive Sensor Replaces Magnetostrictive Position Sensors In Hydraulic Cylinders
Alliance Sensors Group

The ME Series inductive position sensors are designed to be drop-in form, fit, and function replacements for embedded magnetostrictive sensors but with much more robust construction. They can also replace embedded resistance potentiometers, offering high accuracy without wearing out like potentiometers. Employing patented contactless inductive sensing technology, the sensors use solid probe construction and require just a simple conductive tubular target or a small diameter deep hole gun drilled in the cylinder rod for operation. ME Series sensors can withstand intense shocks and vibration, and operating temperatures up to +85ºC for standard products and +125ºC for custom units. They are available in full ranges from 2 in. to 36 in. (50 mm to 900 mm) with either analog dc voltage or current outputs, a linearity error less than or equal to ±0.1% of full-scale output, and a -3 dB frequency response of 500 Hz. For more details, visit 

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