Inductive Proximity Sensors from Carlo Gavazzi

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Carlo Gavazzi Inc.

ICB Series eco-friendly inductive proximity sensors from Carlo Gavazzi Inc., Buffalo Grove, IL, feature an air-core sensing coil that offers higher immunity to magnetic fields than traditional coils and a high-performance potting material made from recycled corn byproduct that offers higher resistance to mechanical stress. The 3-wire sensors can withstand higher vibration levels and impacts as a result. Features include standard and double-distance sensing ranges, nickel-brass housings in long and short barrel lengths, NO or NC NPN or PNP outputs, and either 2 m PVC cable or M12 quick disconnect connection options.

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Company: Carlo Gavazzi Inc.
Country: International
Phone number: 847-465-6100
Fax: 800-222-2659

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