Inductive Position Sensor Family Improves Reliability, Reduces System Costs

Inductive Position Sensor Family Improves Reliability, Reduces System Costs
Integrated Device Technology (IDT) Inc.

Claiming superior reliability, flexibility, and serviceability while cutting system costs, three ZMID520x sensors are automotive qualified to the AEC-Q100 standard and support implementation in safety-related systems compliant to ISO26262 up to ASIL-B. Employing an inexpensive printed circuit coil and a simple metallic target, the sensors do away with magnets commonly used with position sensors, offering higher reliability and lowering costs. The company’s inductive technology is immune to magnetic stray fields--parasitic magnetic fields that can cause electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and introduce safety risks. Thus, no expensive and complex shielding is required. Additionally, the sensors provide a variety of outputs: the ZMID5201 for analog, the ZMID5202 for pulse-width modulation (PWM), and the ZMID5203 for the SENT (single edge nibble transmission) protocol. Learn more by viewing a video at

Integrated Device Technology Inc.
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