Indesign Works with Ember to Deliver ZigBee Systems

INDIANAPOLIS, IN /MARKET WIRE/ -- Indianapolis-based engineering firm, Indesign, LLC, announced it has become an Ember partner to help customers bring ZigBee products to market.

Indesign, LLC, is an engineering design-services company that develops high-tech electronic products for a broad customer base. The company is a ZigBee Alliance member with a notable history of working with different manufacturers' ZigBee chipsets to provide solutions in various product categories. Skilled in product architecture, development, testing, and certification, the design team has engineered hundreds of new products. They have also integrated ZigBee into new and existing devices to enhance features or provide functionality that was previously unavailable.

Ember is the "ZigBee platform of choice for the vast majority of OEMs." Headquartered in Boston, with a chip development center in Cambridge, U.K., Ember Corp. offers "the most integrated, complete, and feature-rich" ZigBee solutions available. Solutions start with high-performance 2.4 GHz low-power wireless semiconductors, integrated with "the most reliable, scalable, and advanced" ZigBee software. Ember's solutions are supported by best-in-class development tools, training, and technical support.

Indesign and Ember will collaborate in all aspects of hardware and software development through network architecture design and deployment to help OEMs bring ZigBee products to life.

The partnership will leverage the wireless networking knowledge and experience of both companies to help customers dramatically reduce time to market.

To learn more about the history and accomplishments of Indesign, visit their Web site. Information about Ember can be found on the company's Web site.

About Indesign, LLC
Indesign is an engineering design-services firm with a proven track record of helping companies develop new electronic devices. Using an ISO-certified, well-defined development process enables Indesign engineers to design quality products on-time and within budget. Engineering disciplines consist of electrical/circuit design, software/firmware design, mechanical design, human-factors design, and testing/validation, with a strong emphasis on products using embedded microprocessors and DSPs.

About Ember Corp.
Ember develops wireless sensor and control network technologies that help make living and working environments safer, smarter, more comfortable, and energy efficient. Ember's ZigBee-based semiconductors and software enable communication between devices embedded in a variety of building and home automation products. Ember is a lead member of the ZigBee Alliance, and its platform is the National Technical Systems' (NTS) "Golden Suite" for 802.15.4/ZigBee interoperability testing.

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