Indegy Introduces Industrial Cyber Security Platform for Protecting Critical Infrastructures

ORLANDO, FL -- Indegy emerges from stealth mode and announces the first cyber security platform that provides comprehensive visibility into the critical control-layer of Operational Technology (OT) networks to identify threats that place the safety, reliability and security of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) at risk. By detecting logic changes to controllers that manage power grids, gas pipelines and manufacturing facilities, Indegy provides advanced protection against cyber attacks, insider threats and unauthorized modifications.

“There are many industrial cyber security solutions available today to secure networks and PC-based systems in control systems,” said Sid Snitkin, VP and GM Enterprise Advisory Services for ARC Advisory Group. “What’s needed now are solutions that can help companies prevent illegal commands to controllers and detect unauthorized changes to the programming in process controllers, like PLCs, DCS, and SCADA systems, before they cause disruptions to plant operation and safety.”

Critical Operational Blindspots

To gain the visibility needed to detect and respond to unauthorized ICS changes, control-layer activity must be monitored. This includes modifications to controller logic, configurations, firmware downloads and any variations in controller state. However, industrial networks were designed before cyber threats existed, so they lack security controls common in IT infrastructures. More importantly, ICS technologies use proprietary, undocumented protocols to modify controller settings. This prevents engineers and security personnel from detecting control-layer activity, since they can only monitor process parameter changes performed over known protocols like MODBUS or DNP3.

Indegy provides previously unavailable real-time visibility into all ICS control-layer activities.

ICS Visibility and Control

The Indegy platform is natively designed for ICS networks and eliminates operational blind spots by detecting changes to controllers regardless of whether they are performed over the network, locally on the device, by malware, or a human being. It automatically discovers all controllers on ICS networks and routinely validates their logic, firmware version and configuration to identify any unauthorized or unintended changes. Indegy also monitors and logs all network activity including instructions sent to controllers such as modifying the temperature, pressure, rotation speed, etc. of operational equipment.

To enable industrial engineers and security staff to quickly pinpoint operational problems and respond to cyber attacks, insider threats and human error, the Indegy platform generates policy-based real-time security alerts. Indegy also assists engineering personnel with built-in applications for asset management, configuration control, backup and recovery. In addition, comprehensive reports allow facilities operators to demonstrate compliance with various regulations.

“Controllers are the central nervous system of ICS networks because they maintain the logic used to manage the entire lifecycle of industrial processes - the turbines, valves, generators and other components that make up critical infrastructures,” said Barak Perelman, CEO of Indegy. “The Indegy Platform enables operations and security personnel to protect ICS networks by monitoring and alerting in real-time on all changes made to controllers, whether caused by malware or a human being.”

Delivered as a turn-key network appliance, the Indegy platform is agentless, non-intrusive and deploys without disrupting operations. It supports seamless integration with third party software including SIEM, configuration management databases (CMDB) and other applications through an easy to use RESTFul API.

The Indegy platform is available immediately. To request a demo and learn more visit 

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