Inclinometer Sensor Is Safe And Accurate

Canfield Connector’s latest series of electrical sensors promise efficiency and accuracy of angle measurement in heavy equipment, solar power, construction and other applications. The Electrical Inclinometer Sensor or (EiS) Series instruments measure the slope, tilt or elevation of an object with respect to gravity by using intelligence to create an artificial horizon. “This sensor is valuable for safety and energy applications, as well as any other environment where incline has to be precisely measured or governed,” said Todd Harmon, vice president of Canfield Industries. “Tilt sensors and inclinometers are often used in cameras, aircraft flight controls, automobile security systems, platform leveling systems and boom angle indication devices.”


The inclinometers are available in versions that measure one or two axes of incline and can report angles within 0.3° of accuracy. Applications include:

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New VNA technologies enable mmWave broadband testing to 220 GHz, helping researchers and engineers to overcome test challenges and simplify mmWave testing.

Application development in the mmWave frequencies is growing. Broadband testing over hundreds of GHz of bandwidth is subject to repeatability/accuracy deficits, and engineers demand solutions to help overcome challenges and simplify mmWave testing.
  • Alerting equipment operators if a vehicle or machine may tip over.
  • Measuring movements in walls or the ground in civil engineering projects.
  • Measuring the angle of drilling in well logging.
  • Measuring range of motion in the joints of the body. 

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