Improved Grid Encoder Enables Accurate CNC Machine Testing

HEIDENHAIN’s family of KGM grid encoders have again been improved to better meet the needs of CNC-controlled machine users who require accuracy testing.  The KGM 281 grid encoder is now available with a measuring range of 140 mm and an increased accuracy of ±1 µm. The encoder’s grid plate with phase grating has an optical measuring standard embedded in a two-piece aluminum holder.  The design of this holder prevents mechanical stress from being induced at the level of the measuring standard even if the mounting surface is not plane. This makes it possible now to guarantee the accuracy grade of ±1 µm for the system. The KGM 281 can be mated to the same dimensions as the previous KGM 181, but due to the revised mechanical design it is 21.5 mm higher. For more details, visit

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