Imperium, Inc. Announces New Ultrasound Camera for Straight and Angled Beam NDT Inspections

BELTSVILLE, MD -- Imperium, Inc. announces the availability of its latest ultrasound camera and rugged controller system, the AcoustoCam i700. The AcoustoCam i700 improves inspections on straight beam applications such as composites and pipeline corrosion mapping, as well as angled beam inspections for weld and TOFD.

The AcoustoCam i700 offers higher resolution C-scan images than automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) or phased array systems. It creates images in flat or curved materials up to 6" thick and is fully compliant with most industry UT codes. The camera produces sub-millimeter images of an entire field rather than a single pinpoint – for better detection of pitting, cracking and other defects while reducing false positives. Large area maps are created in real time and reviewed off-line via analysis reporting tools.

Inspectors are certified for usage of the i700 in three days – significantly reducing costs associated with training and hiring, as well speeding field use of the camera.

Ruggedized Controller for Use in Extreme Environments

The AcoustoCam i700 features Imperium's new, ruggedized controller that is IP-66 rated, has a 12-inch LED display, two swappable batteries, and a built-in handle, bumpers and kickstand. In addition, the unit features integrated tools that support real-time video collaboration.

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