Imaging Photometer Employs 43-Mpixel CCD

Radiant Vision Systems launches the ProMetric Y43 imaging photometer, described as a 43-Mpixel CCD imaging system that provides a high resolution to enable advanced measurement capability for display and consumer electronics. The camera can measure high-definition displays at the pixel level, or for imaging electronic components and surfaces in maximum detail. High spatial resolution it to detect pixel and subpixel luminance and color variations across display bright states (gray levels), subtle surface anomalies or particles, and other defects that are easily missed by human visual inspection.

Defects in images can be identified and quantified using the company’s TrueTest Automated Visual Inspection Software, available with tests for comprehensive display defect detection, mura identification & assessment, or application-specific testing of automotive displays, head-up displays, and augmented or virtual reality displays. TrueTest applies objective analysis and repeatable pass/fail criteria to Y-series images for fully automated quality control.

The ProMetric Y43 uses a 43-Mpixel (8040 x 5360) CCD sensor with low image noise for repeatability inspecting small visual details. Time to measure a complete high-resolution display at several CCD pixels per display pixel is less than 1.5 seconds. ProMetric Y imaging systems are available with an internal Tristimulus Y filter for photometric metrology applications (light and color measurement), or as a radiometric imager for radiant intensity measurements (for imaging surfaces and non-lit components or measuring near-infrared light).

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Additionally, Radiant ProMetric imaging systems are designed to simulate human perception of brightness and color. Each model is available with a variety of interchangeable lenses calibrated at each F-stop and supports high-speed USB and Ethernet communications. For more information, procure and peruse the ProMetric Y43 Imaging Photometer datasheet.

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