Image Sensor Market Continues to Grow

SCOTTSDALE, AZ /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Continued uptake of cameras in mobile phones and notebook PCs is driving growth in the array image sensor market, reports In-Stat. Worldwide unit shipments of image sensors in camera phones continue to rise, mostly as a result of the continuing penetration of dual-camera phones in Asian markets. These phones use both a traditional point-and-shoot camera, as well as a second, inward-facing camera for two-way video communication or videoconferencing.

A promising new image sensor application is also taking hold. "Currently a small segment of the market, embedded PC cameras, will surpass digital still cameras to become the second-largest application for image sensors by 2011," says Brian O'Rourke, In-Stat analyst. "A few years ago, only Apple incorporated cameras into desktop and laptop computers; in 2008, nearly all major PC manufacturers offered embedded PC cameras in mobile PCs."

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • Camera phones comprised nearly 81% of area-array image sensor shipments in 2008, a share that is expected to shrink only slightly through 2013.

  • Other key applications include digital still cameras, camcorders, security cameras, Web cameras, consumer IP cameras, embedded PC cameras, embedded LCD monitor cameras, toys, and automotive.

  • CMOS sensors dominated image sensor shipments in 2008, with more than an 87% share.

  • CMOS will make up 62% of security camera image sensors by 2013.

  • While CMOS is gaining in digital still cameras, it will not surpass CCDs until 2013.

  • Among the many competitors in this market are Aptina, MagnaChip, OmniVision Technologies, Sharp, Sony, and Panasonic.

The research, "Image Sensors 2009: Camera Phones Continue to Dominate Shipments" (#IN0904458MI), covers the worldwide market for image sensors. It includes:

  • Worldwide unit shipment forecasts for CMOS and CCD sensors through 2013

  • Worldwide image sensor forecasts by product category through 2013

  • Analysis of the markets for various sensor applications

  • Profiles of image sensor suppliers

For more information on this research or to purchase it online, please visit the company's Web site or contact a sales representative. The price is $2995. A worldwide image sensor shipment forecast graphic is available here.

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