Image Sensor Excels In Low-Light Applications

According to ON Semiconductor, its KAE-04471 image sensor provides exceptional imaging performance in extreme low light applications and in direct sunlight. The 4.4-Mpixel sensor features both Interline Transfer and Electron Multiplying and achieves a dynamic range of 72 dB and a readout noise figure under 10 rms in normal mode. A dynamic range of 92 dB and a readout noise of less than 1 rms can be achieved using the Intra-Scene switchable gain feature. The improved pixel size of 7.4 µm compared to the 5.5 µm pixel size in the existing KAE-02150, results in a higher sensitivity and similar to daylight images produced in extreme low light. For more details and specs, checkout the KAE-04471 datasheet.


ON Semiconductor

Phoenix, AZ


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