Image sensor achieves 120 megapixel resolution

New image sensor from Canon has medical and industrial applications (Pixabay)
Canon medical/industrial image sensor
        Canon 120MXSI image sensor

Image sensors used in medical and industrial applications are benefitting from leading-edge advances in resolution and sensitivity. Canon has introduced an image sensor, designated the 120MXSI, which achieves a resolution of 120 megapixels.

According to the company, the sensor attains the high resolution in the visible and near-infrared ranges, at the same time allowing frame rates up to 9.4 frames per second. While the intended applications are healthcare, robotics, and image sensing in machine learning, Canon believes the technology will eventually filter into consumer-grade image sensors.

Canon is also demonstrating its 35MMFHDXSMA, a 2.7 megapixel sensor that can detect objects in ultra-low light. The company says the sensor is twice as sensitive as its predecessor, the 35MMFHDXSCA.  Canon is aiming the 35MMFHDXSMA toward cellular or biological imaging, astronomy or disaster-zone monitoring.

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