Image Sensor Achieves 1/1.8'' Optical Size

SmartSens latest addition to its SmartClarity product line, the SC4210, is a 4-Mpixel image sensor based on advanced backside illuminated (BSI) pixel technology, using a 1/1.8″ optical size to deliver reliable imaging quality in low illumination environments. To meet the demands of various industry applications, SmartSens has innovatively integrated the BSI pixel process into the CMOS image sensor development


SC4210 CMOS image sensor features:

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  • Sensor uses BSI pixel process to achieve a 3-μm pixel structure and a 1/1.8″ optical size, with sensitivity of up to 4800 mV/Lux and maximum signal-to-noise ratio of 43 dB.
  • Ultra-low-light performance: SNR1s of 0.21 lux.
  • SC4210 supports ultra-high dynamic range (over 100 dB).
  • Near-infrared enhancement: SC4210 features near-infrared (NIR) enhancement, which nearly doubles the quantum efficiency (QE) of the 850 nm to 940 nm band.
  • High frame rate: SC4210 can run at up to 60 fps with 4-Mpixel resolution.


The SC4210 is now in mass production. For more information, visit SmartSens and/or email [email protected].

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