Image Sensing Unit Recognizes Human Characteristics

Image Sensing Unit Recognizes Human Characteristics

The HVC-P2 B5T-007001 Series is described as a built-in human condition recognition unit. Called a Human Vision Components (HVC) system, the unit can recognize human facial expression, gender, age, gaze and blink via a camera module. It boasts a maximum recognition speed 10 times faster than that of a previous model introduced in 2014, making it possible to detect a human body four times per second. In operation, visual data is derived from a camera head placed within 7.4 meters from a human body. Two camera heads are available: a long-distance detection type and a wide-angle detection type. A piece of equipment embedded with the HVC-P2 can detect and presume attributes and conditions of a user coming in its vicinity without the user knowing the presence of a camera.

The HVC-P2 consists of a camera and a separate main board, connected via a flexible flat cable, allowing installation on the edge of a flat display unit. There are 10 types of image-sensing functions available for recognizing human conditions in various perspectives: (1) face detection, (2) human body detection, (3) hand detection, (4) face direction estimation, (5) gaze estimation, (6) blink estimation, (7) age estimation, (8) gender estimation, (9) expression estimation, (five facial expressions: neutral, happiness, surprise, anger & sadness), and (10) face recognition. Recognition and presumption come out in the form of digital data including the number of detections, angles and age as well as text data including facial expressions and gender. Output image can be chosen from three types: no image output, 160x120 pixels, and 320x240 pixels.

Applications include digitalizing people's attention to advertisements including digital signage, and optimization and development of products for sale from vending machines. Additionally, the HVC-P2 can be embedded in a variety of equipment and machines to do various jobs involving humans and machines, including safeguarding people in manufacturing workplaces, keeping track of congestion in elevators, and watching out for people under care at nursing homes. For more info, visit

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