Image Processor Outfits Surveillance Cameras, Drones, Drive Recorders

Image Processor Outfits Surveillance Cameras, Drones, Drive Recorders

The MB86S27 compact image processor, the eighth-generation product from the Milbeaut Image Processor series, is equipped with a Codec Engine for delivering high resolution 4K video. It comes with 360-degree distortion correction and other state-of-the-art image processing functionalities suitable for high quality video with devices such as surveillance cameras, drones, action cameras and drive recorders. Power consumption is as low as 1.3W, when operating with 4K at 30 fps. Other specifications and features include:
• CPU: ARM Cortex A5 MP 400MHz x 2 (Realos/Linux)
• Connected Sensors: subLVDS 12 lanes + 3 clocks 800 Mbps/lane
• Interfaces: ◦PCIe Gne2, 2 lanes x 1 channel, or PCIe Gen1, 1 lane x 2 channels
• RGMII v1.3, 1Gbps
• Network: TCP/IP, RTP/UDP/IP Offload Assist, Protocol Stack, Offload engine
• Image Processing: H.264 Video Codec ◦Encoding: Full [email protected], [email protected]
• Multi-Encoding (up to 6 streams)
• Imagine Processing IP: Noise Reduction, Optimization of high sensitivity
• Power Consumption: 1.3W (typical, when operating [email protected])
• 360-degree Distortion Correction: Panorama-image, Multi-image
• Super-resolution: Maximum 4x magnification

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