IGBT/Rectifier Modules Pair High Efficiency With Package Options

IGBT/Rectifier Modules Pair High Efficiency With Package Options
Littelfuse Inc.

The company’s latest half-bridge circuit IGBT modules come in industry-standard S, D, or WD packages with ratings up to 1.2 kV and 600A. They are designed for use in a variety of power control applications including AC motor control, motion/servo control, inverters, power supplies, and solar inverters. The Phase Leg and Common Cathode Circuit Rectifier Diode Modules offer ratings up to 1.8 kV and 200A plus high thermal efficiency to ensure long life and reliable performance. Their industry-standard S and A package sizes allow for a maximum output current of 200A for standard diodes. The Rectifier Diode Modules are designed for general-purpose high voltage applications such as high voltage regulated power supplies, lighting circuits, temperature and motor speed control circuits, UPSs, and battery chargers. Both component lines offer standard and customized packages.

Littelfuse Inc.
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