iDAS Antennas Boost Indoor Connectivity

Taoglas launches two iDAS antennas with what the company claims are superior PIM ratings. The two MIMO LTE antennas are designed for use in indoor distribution antenna systems (iDAS) to address in-building coverage issues and increasing demand for constant connectivity for indoor locations such as office buildings, stadiums, conference centers, shopping malls, hotels and other areas where high-performance indoor connectivity is required.


On the market-stats side of things, Taoglas reports that wireless connectivity has become a major consideration for building owners, as more than 80% of wireless data traffic occurs indoors. In addition, buildings need a reliable network to ensure the support the growing use of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Reliance on the LTE network to handle this traffic poses a problem for large buildings, many of which have little or no cellular coverage.


iDAS networks have emerged as a viable solution to bring LTE coverage to areas that traditional base stations cannot reach, providing broader, more secure connectivity than the building’s Wi-Fi solution can offer. LPWAN, CAT-M or NB-IoT networks will also benefit from boosting the cellular network in buildings.


The iDAS antennas deliver reliable 4G LTE MIMO coverage worldwide, while also covering the 3G and 2G bands. The antennas are available in two form factors: A wall-mounted design (iDAS.W.001) and a circular ceiling mount design (iDAS.C.001), both with customizable cable lengths, cable types, and connector types.


For more information, checkout the iDAS.W.001 – MIMO LTE wall mount panel antenna datasheet and the iDAS.C.001 – MIMO LTE ceiling mount omni antenna datasheet. Also visit the Taoglas’ Antenna Builder.

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