ICP-OES Spectrometer Scores An Industry First

ICP-OES Spectrometer Scores An Industry First

The SPECTRO ARCOS high-resolution ICP-OES spectrometer lays claim to being the first and only spectrometer allowing selection of axial plasma or radial plasma observation in a single instrument without any optical compromise. Designed for demanding elemental analysis applications in industry, science, and academia, the instrument also claims to surpass the performance limitations of conventional ICP-OES instruments. It employs an ORCA Optical System, described as a CCD optic system with a Paschen-Runge mount assembly that delivers a resolution of 8.5 picometer in the wavelength range from 130 nm to 340 nm. Other features include a unique solid-state generator design, elimination of the need for purge gases, and no external cooling system.

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH
Kleve, Germany
[email protected]

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