Icon Labs Announces The Internet of Secure Things Initiative

West Des Moines, IA – Icon Labs announces its Internet of Secure Things Initiative. The Internet of Things has become a ubiquitous term to describe the tens of billions of devices that have sensing or actuation capabilities, and are connected to each other via the Internet. Until recently, security has not been a high priority for these devices. It is now time to establish The Internet of Secure Things.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the hacking of devices and systems to obtain information and data. However, just as critical are cyber-attacks against the devices themselves – attacks that take control and cause devices to operate in dangerous and insecure ways.

Unfortunately many of these systems – thought to be safe – are still vulnerable. For instance, even though Industrial Automation and Critical Infrastructure devices are usually installed inside the secure perimeter of an enterprise network, that perimeter is porous and can be easily penetrated or disabled. On top of that, insider threats, whether malicious or accidental, make up 70% of the attacks, and they usually originate inside that perimeter.

“Many of today’s modern embedded devices and systems are complex connected devices charged with performing critical functions,” says Alan Grau, CEO of Icon Labs. “Including security in these devices is a critical design task. Security features must be considered early in the design process to ensure the device is protected from the advanced cyber-threats they will be facing now as well as attacks that will be created in the future. These are the steps to make your things fit into the Internet of Secure Things.”

In a recently published report by Gartner, they said that “Digital security leaders should collaborate with software and system developers to ensure security is intrinsic in architecture and approach. They must also incorporate the management and operational requirements for the embedded software and system security design, including security policy enforcement, access control policies, virtualization techniques, application security testing, quality assurance and areas for development.” These capabilities provide the foundational requirements for the Internet of Secure Things.

The required security capabilities for the Internet of Secure Things initiative, described in Icon Labs’ new White Paper – The Internet of Secure Things – What is Really Needed to Secure the Internet of Things?, can be downloaded for free at http://www.iconlabs.com/sites/default/files/Internet%20of%20Secure%20Things.pdf

For more information:
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1.888.235.3443 (U.S. and Canada)
515.226.3443 (International)

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