IC Designs Set To Revolutionize Sensor Markets

If I had a nickel for every headline I’ve read over the past week claiming the product or technology described after the aforementioned headline was going to turn whatever market upside down on its axes I’d be a multi nickelaire. So under the large pile of nickels on my desk, what’s one more?

Sensory Seed, described as the “next generation of integrated circuit designs that will revolutionize the sensor market”, is said to possess the ability to disrupt a number of sensor markets. According to its originator, it will do so by bringing the world's best sensors and sensor communications to the world's most exciting companies. Exactly what that means is not clear and we do not want to assume, but the Sensory Seed promoters see this as a “major opportunity to bring about changes to the market and world around us.” Let us discuss.

A newly formed company, Sensory Seed claims to have done extensive research into IoT and the sensor market surrounding it.  The company claims it will focus on developing sensor circuit design applications in the form of components and systems on a chip (SoCs) for the health, life sciences, automotive, and transportation sensor markets.

Sensory Seed will rely on Circuit Seed, the company’s original application design technology. Circuit Seed designs are said to provide the opportunity to investigate, rethink and successfully discover novel approaches to circuit structures, topologies and functionality. The results being reliable, optimal performance, low power, reduced area, scalability, and greater flexibility for deep sub-µm CMOS technologies. Reportedly, Circuit Seed provides the ability to create next generation, integrated circuit IP.  Sensory Seed is essentially the next generation of Circuit Seed designs.

​Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, an invention equity company located in Ottawa, Canada, reports that InventionShare will be assisting in developing the new operating company by raising capital and will be developing partnerships and focus in on specifically working with joint-venture partners and companies interested in licensing, partnering and developing new sensor applications with Sensory Seed. This will include working exclusively with the inventors to create new product applications and focusing on the healthcare and life sciences and automotive sensor marketplace.

Now whether or not this venture will yield a pile of nickels is up for speculation.  For information in that area, contact Keith Taylor at [email protected].  For more information on Circuit Seed, visit http://www.circuitseed.com

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