IBM Extends Capabilities of Traceability Solution

ARMONK, NY--(Marketwire -) - IBM (NYSE: IBM) is introducing a new version of InfoSphere Traceability Server*, software that lets organizations use data from sensors such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and bar codes to gather and share intelligence on items as they move through the supply chain. It is the only software on the market to combine the power of business intelligence with information sharing software that meets GS1 EPCglobal's Electronic Product Code Information Sharing (EPCIS) standard.

InfoSphere Traceability Server is used across multiple industries to solve a variety of challenges. In the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers and distributors use it to comply with emerging drug pedigree regulations. For example, contract manufacturer Golden State Medical Supply uses the software to ensure that it can comply with future regulations in the State of California for drug pedigrees. Similarly, food producers and distributors are using the software to enable food traceability as a means of addressing the need for greater accountability in the food supply chain. Leading the way is Norway's largest food supplier, Nortura, which is teaming with IBM to establish a food tracking solution that will help make Norway's food supply safer establishing a system that can trace the provenance of meat and poultry products.

Organizations using InfoSphere Traceability Server can now view sensor data with the benefit of the insights, visibility and automated intelligence provided by embedded IBM Cognos 8 BI reporting, analysis, dashboards, alerts and notification capabilities. For example, pharmaceutical manufacturers can use the software to monitor sensor data not just for drug Pedigree compliance, but to assess the effectiveness of their business processes. Similarly, automobile manufacturers that use InfoSphere Traceability Server to monitor the location of shipping containers can now use Cognos analysis capabilities to determine how effectively the containers are utilized and why they sometimes get lost. In both cases, the additional insight provided by business intelligence capabilities could lead to business process optimization and in turn, a more agile business.

The InfoSphere Traceability Server is fully compliant with the EPCIS standard, which allows trading partners to share information captured using sensor technologies. By using software that meets the EPCIS standard, organizations can create systems they can use to share information on product movements with any trading partner that also uses an EPCIS-compliant solution.

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*Formerly known as WebSphere RFID Information Center.

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