I/O Modules Ensure Reliable Sensor/Actuator Connections

I/O Modules Ensure Reliable Sensor/Actuator Connections

The latest Lumberg Input/Output Network-Ruggedized (LioN-R) modules allow actuators and sensors to reliably connect to controllers via PROFIBUS-DP, enabling an increase in the productivity of machines and systems. Module features include fully enclosed metal housings, galvanic isolation of the sensors and actuators from the higher-level bus system, short-circuit proof outputs, protection from interference, a simple diagnostic concept that allows faults to be located quickly, and standard M12 connection technology. Typical applications include metal processing, material handling, welding lines, and automated systems. Additionally, all versions of the LioN-R modules meet class IP67 requirements, specify an operating temperature range of -10°C to +60°C, and are certified by the PROFIBUS User Organization.

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