I/O Module Interfaces Production Lines To LINbus Products

I/O Module Interfaces Production Lines To LINbus Products
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The LIN I/O communication adapter acts as an interface between automated production lines and a LINbus product. Designed for fixed installation on a DINrail or in a control cabinet, LIN I/O communicates remotely with a controller either via high-speed CAN and/or 24V digital I/O. Using the LIN I/O, a test device can be communicated via the LIN I/O communications in a safe, short-circuit protected manner. A unique feature, current drain of the test object is measured and can be used for evaluation and test purposes. The modules’s internal signal processing can pre-process the LIN data, for example for checking limit values or operation, or for the end-of-line calibration of manufactured devices. For more details and specs, visit http://www.saelig.com/pr/linio.html

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