Hyperspectral Image Sensors Exploit Mosaic-Filter Architecture

Hyperspectral Image Sensors Exploit Mosaic-Filter Architecture
imec USA

The company’s latest set of snapshot hyperspectral CMOS image sensors feature spectral filter structures in a mosaic layout, processed per-pixel on 4x4 and 5x5 Bayer-like arrays. The filter structures are processed at wafer-level on commercially available CMOS image sensor wafers, enabling compact, low-cost, and mass-producible hyperspectral imaging. This supports multiple applications ranging from machine vision, medical imaging, and precision agriculture to higher volume industries such as security, automotive, and consumer electronics. The newly developed mosaic sensors feature one spectral filter per pixel, arranged in mosaics of 4x4 (16 spectral bands) or 5x5 (25 spectral bands) deposited onto a full array of 2 Million pixels 5.5-µm size CMOSIS CMV2000 sensor. Two versions of the mosaic hyperspectral image sensors have been developed: one 4x4 mosaic with 16 bands in the 470-630nm (visible range), and one 5x5 mosaic with 25 bands in the 600-1000nm range (Visible – NIR range).

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