Hyperspectral Camera First To Go Mobile

Promoted as its maker as the first mobile hyperspectral camera allowing users to analyze material samples anywhere and in seconds, SPECIM IQ is an advanced measurement and imaging component that provides information in an instant for critical decision making and response. The camera and software are said to be easy to adapt and configure for applications in food safety, recycling, health, forestry and many other sectors.



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  • In the field of agriculture, farmers will be able to screen their crops for infestation and see the results immediately, in many cases a week before any problems are visible to the human eye. Rather than routinely treating crops, they will be able to treat them just where needed.
  • Forensic investigators will be able to screen a crime scene for evidence in just seconds. Prior to the SPECIM IQ the process of collecting samples, sending them to the lab, and waiting for the results could have taken days or even weeks.
  • In the art world, immediate forgery detection could become a routine part of the art sales process, eliminating dispute and costly court proceedings.

Hyperspectral imaging combines spectroscopy and digital imaging and is believed to be the best available measurement technology for demanding applications. Enabling spectral analysis down to the pixel level provides higher capabilities for analyzing the physical and chemical make-up of both large and small samples. The complexity and bulky size of the equipment and lack of real time information have limited its use in industrial applications. However, Specim handles these limitations with a full line of industrial products complemented by SPECIM IQ. If your curiosity has now gotten the best of you, checkout the SPECIM IQ video demos for more insights


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