Hygienic Ultrasonic Sensors Mounting Kits For PiL’s P53 Carry EHEDG Certification

Hoffmann-Krippner introduces the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) certified hygienic mounting kit for PiL’s P53 “Steel Head” ultrasonic sensors. The off-the-shelf hygienic-sensor solution is designed for the food and beverage sector and chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Consisting of half-shells, each with one opening to accommodate the sensor ends, the installation sets can be used to securely mount P53 sensors to walls or enclosures. FDA-approved, food-safe gaskets made from 10/101 grade silicone are firmly pressed onto the conically formed ends of the sensor when the half-shells are screwed together. This procedure reliably and hygienically seals the gap between the sensor and the mounting kit.


Due to its gapless design, the fully encapsulated 30-mm wide housing of the PiL P53 can be kept perfectly clean. Like the mounting kit, it is made from polished V4A grade stainless steel with a surface roughness of <0.6 μm. The sensors feature a narrow ultrasonic beam with a range of 150 to 1,500 mm. Versions with analog output (4 mA to 20 mA) are supplied with pre-set response curves, while models with a switch output allow for a quick and easy adjustment of the desired switching points via teach-in. "Steel Head" sensors are safe to clean with high pressure or steam jets thanks to their high Ingress Protection rating (IP68/IP69K) and extended temperature range of -15°C to +80°C.

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PiL P53 ultrasonic sensors are ECOLAB certified and can therefore be treated with aggressive chemical cleaning agents. With a food-grade cable and hygienic cable gland, PiL ultrasonic sensors meet EHEDG requirements at the connecting end as well. For more information and data sheets, visit http://www.hoffmann-krippner.com/sensors-ultrasonic.html.


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