Hydrostatic Pressure Level Switch Rules Open Tanks

The KOBOLD NLP hydrostatic pressure level switch is designed for level-control applications in open tanks where suspended deposits are present. Operation of the switch is based upon the change in hydrostatic pressure within the standpipe. When media rises or falls to the desired level, the changing air pressure within the tube reacts on the internal diaphragm, actuating or de-actuating the SPDT contact within the switch housing. The switchpoint can be adjusted in the field by turning a screw located within the switch housing. Features include a process connection type of 1" NPT, G1, a maximum process temperature of +158°F, switch rating of 250 Vac/1A


Polypropylene or PVDF fittings and tube material, IP65 protection, and stand-pipe lengths of 3 ft., 6 ft., 10 ft., or custom up to 16 ft. For more specs, a NLP datasheet is available. KOBOLD Instruments Inc., Pittsburgh, PA. 800-998-1020 or 412-788-4890

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