Hydraulic Impulse Calibrator from PCB Piezotronics

Hydraulic Impulse Calibrator from PCB Piezotronics
PCB Piezotronics Inc.

The Model 913B02 hydraulic impulse calibrator from PCB Piezotronics Inc., Depew, NY, is for dynamic field or laboratory calibration of piezoelectric pressure sensors. The device uses a drop mass on a piston to create half-sine pulses. The piston acts on a hydraulic-fluid-filled cylinder for comparison calibration of dynamic pressure sensors against a Model 136A tourmaline transfer standard. The transfer standard is designed to accurately measure rapidly changing hydraulic pressures up to 20,000 psi. The system, including the impulse calibrator, transfer standard, verification sensor, mounting adaptors, signal conditioning, cables, DA hardware, and software on a system controller PC, is available as Model K9913C from The Modal Shop.

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Company: PCB Piezotronics Inc.
Country: International
Phone number: 716-684-0002

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