Hybrid Fiber Optic System from SensorTran, Micron Optics

Austin, TX -- SensorTran announced a cooperative agreement with Micron Optics, Inc. to offer the world's first integrated, hybrid fiber optic sensing solution. The new system offers both Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) capabilities and Fiber-Bragg Grating (FBG) point sensing capabilities, which measure pressure, strain and vibration.

The fully integrated sensing solution features a single software interface for configuring both sensors and managing data collection, data synchronization, and communications. Both companies will offer the combined unit in their respective markets.

"Micron Optics' reputation for delivering quality interrogators makes them an ideal partner for SensorTran," said Kent Kalar, president and CEO of SensorTran. "Combining the world's most advanced DTS technology with the world's best FBG hardware allows each of us to provide our customers with a valuable alternative to multiple stand-alone systems."

"SensorTran's successful DTS deployments at diverse energy assets throughout the world signify the breadth and depth of their technology," said Micron Optics president and CEO Jeff Miller. "By delivering temperature and strain capabilities together for the first time, our integrated solution changes the fiber-optic sensing landscape and presents tremendous opportunities for both companies."

About SensorTran
SensorTran is an ISO 9001 certified, global supplier of fiber optic-based distributed monitoring solutions. Customers benefiting from SensorTran's DTS technology include the world's largest energy providers. DTS systems, which can be customized for any language, have applications in downhole oil & gas, transmission and distribution power cable monitoring, Smart Grid, pipeline flow assurance and leak monitoring, process vessel hot spot detection, and environmental monitoring.

About Micron Optics
Micron Optics, a leading provider of tunable optical technologies, offers a comprehensive portfolio of components and instruments for optical sensing, biotech and telecom markets. Built upon its solid technology foundation, Micron Optics' products span from simple tunable components to fast swept laser modules to fast and accurate optical instrumentation. Since 1990, Micron Optics has been a privately held company based in Atlanta.

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