HVAC Sensors Measure Air Flow And Pressure

Sensaphone has added two sensors to its line of remote monitoring equipment for HVAC applications. The Duct Mount Air Flow Transmitter measures the rate of airflow and alerts users when conditions fall outside of the preset threshold. The transmitter monitors the presence or absence of cool moving air and measures relative airflow from 0-16 meters per second. It can be used with any Sensaphone monitoring device that accepts a 4-mA to 20-mA input signal. It is especially useful for monitoring air conditioning in ducts.


The Differential Pressure Sensor measures air pressure in two areas and indicates if there is a difference between the readings. This sensor is ideal for clean room applications where air pressure must be the same in both rooms to prevent a vacuum upon opening a door that could pull dust or other pollutants into the space. The company offers both duct-mounted and wall-mounted sensors that send data to any of its monitoring devices that accept a 4-mA to 20-mA signal. Users can log data, view status in real time, and receive alarms if the pressures exceed set parameters.

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The duct-mounted Differential Pressure Sensor features excellent tolerance to overpressure and vibration. This high-accuracy digital sensor maintains calibration and reduces unnecessary alerts. The sensor monitors positive and negative pressure from the two included duct mounts. The kit also includes 12 feet of tubing for connecting the duct mounts to the sensor, mounting hardware and installation instructions.


The wall-mounted Differential Pressure Sensor kit comes with two recessed pickup tubes to monitor differential pressure away from the sensor. The sensor monitors positive and negative pressure from the two included wall mounts. It also includes two sets of 12-foot tubing for connecting the wall mounts to the sensor, mounting hardware and installation instructions.


For more details, checkout datasheets for the Duct Mount Air Flow Transmitter and Differential Pressure Sensor.

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