Huntkey Introduces New Wall Mount Outlet SMD607

Huntkey introduces its new wall mount outlet SMD607 to the US market. AC sockets with surge protection, USB ports with fast charging technology and stabilizing post on the back make SMD607 a perfect solution for wall mount charging.

For convenient use, the SMD607 is equipped with six American sockets and three USB ports. With surge protection, it can provide stable and consistent output current that safeguards devices from voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes. Meanwhile, with smart IC technology, its USB ports can automatically detect devices to deliver fast charging speed.

Different to other wall mount outlets, the SMD607 can provide an unique wall-mounting solution to users. Aside from one stabilizing post, there is also a mounting screw on its back, allowing users to mount it to the wall without falling off. It is portable with compact design, even a little shorter than the iPhone 7 Plus, which makes it very travel-friendly.

In order to ensure product safety, the SMD607 is produced with high quality materials that users can rely on. Its body case is made of an ABS flame-retardant material, an opaque thermoplastic characterized by resistance to heat, chemicals and impact. Its AC sockets are made of integral copper bar, which can significantly improve product conductivity and durability.

It is stylish with a cradle ledge on the top, and has passed ETL and FCC certifications to meet users' picky demands. It will make users enjoying their convenient life, since it can be used at home, in the office, hotels, libraries or wherever the users want.

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