Hundreds Participate in Wireless Tracking Demo

MISSION VIEJO, Calif. /BUSINESS WIRE/ --Patient Care Technology Systems, Parco Wireless, and Medical Records Institute (MRI) are joining forces to stage the largest demonstration of wireless locating and tracking technology. The first-of-its-kind demonstration will take place at MRI's TEPR Conference and Exhibition to be held May 20-24, 2006, in the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland. The demonstration will run on May 22-24, 2006.

Hundreds of TEPR 2006 attendees will be given an ultrawide-band badge that will track their location by set "zones" throughout the conference. The zones will mimic a busy urban hospital. Attendees can be tracked in the "Emergency Department, Perioperative Suite," and throughout "Ancillary Departments." As the attendees move throughout the exhibit hall and conference sessions, sensors will automatically capture their movement and display the data on HP Monitors located throughout the hall. Attendees will be able to interact with the locating technology through displays set up at the conference and use it to locate participating friends and colleagues in real-time, in addition to seeing their own movement throughout the conference.

The demonstration will be run with the Amelior Tracker communication and tracking system. Amelior Tracker products are available for emergency-department, perioperative-suite, outpatient-services, and hospital-wide asset tracking. Additional information and registration for the event is available at

About TEPR
For 22 years, Medical Records Institute's TEPR Conference and Exhibition has been leading the way toward the electronic patient record. With an unsurpassed educational program featuring industry-leading educational opportunities, continuing medical education for physicians and nurses, and a comprehensive exhibition showcasing close to 200 leading EHR/EMR and related technology vendors, TEPR has been called one of the health IT industry's premier events.

About Parco Wireless
Parco is the healthcare industry leader in providing the most reliable, scalable, and accurate RFID-enabled resource and patient-workflow management tools available to hospitals today. Parco's state-of-the art indoor positioning systems incorporate an advanced form of noninterfering RFID called ultra-wideband technology and advanced software management tools that consistently report subfoot accuracy for thousands of patients and hospital equipment. Parco's systems are designed to work with most legacy systems for easy software integration and electromagnetic and radio frequency compatibility. The Parco systems optimize asset utilization in everyday use as well as emergency situations, increase patient flow, reduce wait times, reduce operating costs, and improve overall patient care.

About Patient Care Technology Systems
Patient Care Technology Systems (PCTS) is dedicated to becoming the leading provider of patient safety solutions in the high-acuity segments of healthcare. Featuring the Amelior ED patient care system, a comprehensive ED information system with clinical decision support, and Amelior EDTracker automatic tracking, the most widely implemented automatic tracking system in U.S. emergency departments, PCTS provides a family of integrated and intelligent solutions designed to reduce medical errors and improve the operating performance of high-acuity departments. Amelior patient care system customers have been recognized nationally for department productivity and nursing excellence.