Hummingbird Selected by Mindray for Artema Technology AION Platinum Multi-Gas Analyzer

Crowborough, UK – Hummingbird Sensing Technology has been selected by Mindray to supply Paracube Sprint oxygen sensing technology for the next generation of Artema Technology AION Platinum Multi-gas Analyzers. Launched at the recent Medica 2013 tradeshow by Mindray, the AION™ Platinum range of sidestream multigas analyzers is aimed at low to high-end respiratory gas measurement applications. Available in a number of different configurations, the AION™ Platinum range is designed for integration into patient monitors, anaesthesia delivery systems and ventilators.

Chosen on the basis of Hummingbird’s high-performance, non-depleting Paramagnetic technology and an industry-leading compact size, the Paracube® Sprint provided Mindray the precise combination of function and form necessary for successful integration into Mindray’s OEM respiratory gas measurement technology and line of patient monitors. At the heart of the Paracube® Sprint is Hummingbird’s advanced non-depleting Magnetodynamic Paramagnetic cell, which offers a full measurement range of 0-100% and industry leading levels of linearity and accuracy. When integrated into multi-component gas analyzers such as the AION Platinum, Hummingbird’s Paramagnetic technology provides the fast and accurate measurement of delivered oxygen concentration.

Dominic Corsale, General Manager, Hummingbird Sensing Technology, said: “This is yet another example of the Performance in Partnership that Hummingbird provides: working with the world’s best-in-field, we research and develop sensing technologies that deliver our customers a combination of system integration, flexibility, compliance and reliability currently unrivalled in the OEM oxygen sensor market.”

Ray O’Gallagher, General Manager for Mindray’s OEM Artema Technology, said: “The Paracube Sprint is the only oxygen sensing technology in the world that could have fulfilled the size and performance requirements that we had for our next generation AION™ Platinum Multi-Gas Analyzer. Being able to integrate the Paracube® Sprint into the AION™ Platinum Multigas Analyzer enables even more space in host instruments for sensors and parameters. Hummingbird provided invaluable support during this complex system integration and also shared their market insights as we prepared for our market launch.”

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