Humidity Sensor Embeds Easily Into Mobile Designs

Humidity Sensor Embeds Easily Into Mobile Designs

Tailored for embedding into compact smartphones and other mobile devices, the HSHCAL Series capacitive digital humidity sensor delivers a digital output and boasts the market’s smallest mounting area: 2 mm x 2 mm. The components employ a proprietary sensing film that ensures reliable linearity over a relative-humidity range from 0 to 100%. Additionally, a temperature-output function enables temperature compensation within the sensor device. Specifications include an operating temperature range -20°C to +85°C, a supply voltage 1.71V to 1.89V, temperature sensitivity of 50 LSB/°C, and an accuracy of ±1.5% RH at 25°C/50% RH.

Alps Electric Co. Ltd.
Santa Clara, CA

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