Humidity And Temperature Sensors Expand Into The Cloud

Around for a while, the OnePrevent system is a predictive analytics engine for the building monitoring and security market. The system helps in the prevention of water damage caused by flooding and the mold and mildew resultant thereof. The system is essentially a cloud-based analytical engine that collects and process signals from remote wireless sensors. And as a clod-based system, it’s accessible from anywhere


Expanding the system, the OneEvent Technologies company has added a humidity and temperature sensor to its stable wireless sensors. According to the company, both components rely on IC technology, which means silicon, enabling highly accurate measurements.


Another shared feature of the sensors is an operating temperature range from -40ºC to +85ºC. On a daily basis and in normal conditions, they transmits data to the gateway every 180s. When a fast change in either humidity or temperature, up or down for whatever reason, the sensors send data every 4s. Applications include monitoring commercial server rooms, residential properties, indoor pool areas, apartment complexes, commercial and residential cooking areas, and large coolers and freezers.


The wireless feature makes this system available for any number of consumer, commercial, industrial, and IIoT/IoT applications. Check with OneEvent Technologies for more details.

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